Pittman's 8540 Series brush-commutated DC motors are designed using the latest advancements in materials and manufacturing technology. This product line is ideal for customer applications requiring high performance in a small package size. The 8540 Series is a significant improvement over similar sized older generation Pittman motors and is perfect for high tech applications found in medical, lab instrumentation, data storage, and precision automation machinery, to name a few.

The most significant feature of the new design is a greatly improved power density through the use of bonded neodymium magnets. The 8540 has approximately twice the continuous torque rating compared with the previous generation of motors. The 8540 motors are 1.18” (30mm) in diameter and are available in three lengths; 2.114” (53.69mm), 2.585” (65.66mm), and 3.057” (77.65mm). Depending on the model, they can achieve a continuous torque rating from 2.5 oz-in (0.018 Nm) to 8.3 oz-in (0.059 Nm) without the use of a heat sink.


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